Tuesday, December 2, 2008

the week of the rebelling face.

a week ago i was happily, briskly walking along to get my son from school, my right jacket pocket brimming over with loose wonka runt candies, all was good with the world! until,that is, i threw a handful of runts in my mouth and started crushing them with my teeth, which if i do say so myself, have always been quite skilled candy crushers. one stubborn little rat bastard strawberry runt resisted the crush! not willing to lose the battle i gave it my all,
yup, broken tooth.

luckily my dentist was able to fix it with just a filling, unluckily she had to freeze it a million times. the after effect of this was all the freezing pooling at my jaw and creating a dudley do right, kurt russel-y kind of thing.

*sigh* a couple of days later i woke up with the angriest, ugliest sty in the history of the world. the swelling in my jaw and the swelling in my eye didn't quite meet, so in a frantic effort to unite the two i grew a big ol' zit.

the lovely thing about this is that now that the swelling is nearly gone and my eye is almost healed, i feel like a fricken' super model!


kim* said...

aw man, life just keeps giving out lemons but we must press on

me said...

lol, i will stick to lemons and lemonade from now on.

Sandra said...

I have to say you pretty much always look like a fricken'super model. I haven't seen you in a while but even with a red growth and a lumpy jaw it couldn't be that bad.

me said...

sandra, you are my best thing!