Wednesday, November 26, 2008

who's the shit?

Surly’s the shit!!!

because, in case you didn’t know, surly makes magic ceramic pendants,

“La la la, here I am being average, blending in and not addressing my rock star, super hero tendencies “

*throws on magic surly necklace*

KAPOW! super, holy moly rock and rolly, hot chick, super hero , ready to go fight crime in the big city!


I mean, really, what more do you need to know than that?

if you need to know more here’s a couple more surly links for your surly enjoyment,

five fluffy questions for surly amy

1) if you could have one tool/object implanted inspector gadget style, what would it be?
(*giggles at the possibilities*)

I would have a telescope eye implant, so I could spy on far away planets and the strange people in my neighborhood. I live in Hollywood and trust me the people here are MUCH more interesting from a distance.

2) first thing you do when you get up in the morning?
(excluding the morning pee)

The VERY first thing I do is try to fondle Surly Johnny (if I can catch him...he's pretty fast.) then I grab a big ol cup of delicious coffee...(as with most creative types I am a caffeine junky.)

3) favorite visible injury story?
(real or fake,i always like to work ninjas into my injury stories)

Well, I have a scar near my left eye from when I got hit in the face and almost blinded with a surfboard while drinking a beer in a swimming pool... Damn Ninjas and their pool parties.

4) if you could plant a candy tree in your yard, what would it grow?

I would grow bite size snicker bars...AND at least 20 flavors of rainbow jelly bellies....awww wouldn't that be beautiful AND delicious!!!

5) if you had a chance to see any band/act that you will never be able to see, who would it be?

Oh man, my only musical regret is that I didn't get to see The Clash play live. I saw Joe Strummer play solo once and it was great but The Clash would have been so awesome.. and can I also say that I have a big crush on the late great Frank Sinatra. Seeing Sinatra in his prime would have been really cool as well. I guess what Im saying is I really dig a man in a suit...Im gonna go try and catch Surly Johnny. ;)


Surly Amy said...

Thank you so much for writing about lil ol me and thanks for being such a great artist. Your sculptures kick some serious ass! Lots of SURLY love to you and yours! xoxo

me said...

my pleasure doll, i love me some surly!
and love my surly necklace.

Sandra said...

ooh Surly rocks! It's beautiful!