Wednesday, November 19, 2008

things i found notable in the 90's #1

i swear one day i am going to blog about something deep and profound, but that's not going to happen today.

the other day i found and old sketchbook/journal from the 90s, as i flipped through it one question kept popping into my head,

how did i come out of the 90s not weighing 400 lbs?

cans of pop used to scream at me a lot. i don't really recall this happening, but i documented it countless times, so it must have happened. i can only assume these desperate beverages were consumed by me to put and end to their relentless wailing. there was also numerous mentions of slurpees and iced tea, these refreshments were not nearly as vocal.

that's just the liquids, i also found clues as to what 1990s me might have eaten.

apparently, though my memory is foggy, we had no access to vegetables, fruit or fresh food of any kind. with the exception of taters, which we consumed both in the form of flakes and gems. it sounds pretty futuristic for the 90s i know, but it's true, we ate gems!

we also, according to my journal,
used to watch television on the microwave.


me said...

zero comments makes me sad, so now i have one comment.

Sandra said...

broken teeth and dying hamsters make me sad, so now you have two comments.