Monday, November 17, 2008

ah ha ha ha

okay, i know i haven't blogged in a while but this is just too funny to pass up.

this past sunday i was in my living room when i noticed movement out in my yard. i got up to take a look through the window and instantly recognized the people beside my step as the jehovahs that come by nearly every weekend. we have a long standing agreement,' feel free to drop literature in the mailbox, don't ring my doorbell'. they were standing staring in my garden, right now all that is in my garden is snow and leaves so i found it odd that they stared so long. after they left i went outside to take a look and saw this.
don't be scared! this summer when i was painting, watercolor style, with red wine (i like to call it winocolor) i wanted to leave the wine to thicken up a bit, i left it out on my front step so i wouldn't be fighting fruit flies inside my house. my son accidentally kicked it into the garden one day, i guess i just forgot to go and retrieve it.
i had a bit of a laugh wondering what they might have been saying to each other out there and carried on with my day. i knew the magazine was in the mailbox, but didn't bother to grab it right then.
this moring when i went to get the regular mail, here is what i found underneath all the bills and junk mail, FOUR OF THEM! do you think that they are trying to send me a message?


BlenderBach said...

Ha! Great story!

One time, many years ago, my buddy was cooking some steaks for dinner and some JW's showed up. My buddy answered the door splattered in blood that he had spilled from the meat on his white apron.

They never came back.

WearableByDesign said...

Oh, my! Too funny!

kim* said...

well they are twisted people, read the bible not this paper crap.

315thomas said...

haha, that is hilarious. i love that they left you four copies of their crazy hell magazine.

Sandra said...

WHAT???? only 4 copies? You clearly need 5.

Mayhem said...

actually kim...JW's read the bible too...usually the mags tell you stuff...and where to find it in the bible. my mom's a I know these things

But yes, I find it hilarious they left you 4 hell mags. HA!