Friday, October 10, 2008

check me out, i'm georgia o'keefe.

a little while ago, as every stay at home mom eventually does, i went through an all consuming rubber chicken phase. I drew and painted rubber chickens relentlessly for days. Make dinner,draw a rubber chicken, have a shower, paint a rubber chicken, mow the lawn, draw a rubber chicken, sometimes, paint a rubber chicken, paint another rubber chicken.sometimes i would spend an hour on a rubber chicken, others i would fire out in a couple minutes. I know it’s something we all have to experience but, I feel I went through it a little stronger than most(oooh, I just got a new rubber chicken idea while i was writing this!) anyway, somewhere in my rubber chicken fervour i inadvertently ended up painting this little gem,

i kind of look at it in the vein of the thousand monkeys theory,if you sit and paint/draw infinite rubber chickens, eventually one is going to look like a vagina.
alternatively, perhaps i'm a lesbian
and i didn't even know it.

....OR! maybe i was supposed to be a clown!


kim* said...

ah um i would have never guessed that ! i didnt even try to see it in that image. ok maybe once but i am happy i didnt see it!

me said...

ha, it is entirely possibly you have to be as simple and juvenile as my friends and i to see it.

Sandra said...

um's upside down and who are you calling simple and juvenile...

Turn it around. It really is funny!

me said...

ya it was upside down! i fixed it.
it was other friends that i was calling simple and juvenile, not you.

you look pretty in that picture.

~ April ~ said...

LOL, that's funny. I guess I'm simple and juvenile. Which is fine by me. :D

~ EnchantedDandelions from the Etsy forum