Tuesday, October 7, 2008

super famey party girls

before i discovered etsy i was really wanting to develop a comic strip. my plan was to work harder than i had ever worked before on a project of my own. ultimately, when i had enough material i would stick it in a drawer and move on to something else that would make me laugh and never make me any money.
my first instinct was to do one about my my mother-in-law, who was living with us at the time. i had it all sketched out with her in her giant kitty cat sweat shirt and little stick legs and me in my super styley evening gown and jessica rabbit figure. then my husband told me i wasn't allowed to draw pictures of his mom, so i had to find a different subject.
at the time i was finding much hilarity in the whole' famous for nothing, party girl scene' . girls who were famous for being rich and flashing their naughty bits while climbing out of limos. apparently great wealth can be achieved by not spending money on underwear. what came of this was the beginning of 'super famey party girls'.

until i figure out what i'm doing here i will probably just fill space with random things like this. stay tuned, because in the next couple of days i will be posting about the 'accidental vagina/rubber chicken'.


Sandra said...


profGW said...

oh ... you're going to get in soooo much trouble for making a blog site in whatisname's namesake ... and doing that "YARG" thingy.

good luck with blog.

me said...

lol, why don't you go chase some wasps....prof
(the insect kind, not the rich nantucket kind, your a married man)

me said...

argh! i see that "your" i just can't figure out how to edit it.....you just go and play with the wasps!